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Arrampica Legal Training Workshop

Legal Training Workshops by Arrampica

Levels 1 and 2 (Instructor Duty of Care)

Taking in lessons learned from key events over the years of adventure industry activity, instructors are delivered the clear message of their legal duty of care and how this translates into how they perform their role and what standards they should adhere to.

This is invaluable training for anyone working at an adventure facility, climbing wall or high ropes course and we strongly recommend participation.

This legal training course has been run many times over recent years and is rapidly becoming a vital part of any centre or instructors ‘must have’ knowledge.

Courses are run periodically through the year, or can be delivered for individual facilities or organisations.

Legal Training Levels 3 and 4
(Manager Duty of Care, Incident Management and Evidence Trail)

A very active day is spent creating scenarios based upon a combination or real past cases, near misses and theoretical scenarios.

This day course drills into the legal framework that could be brought to bear upon a centre if the management systems fail to reasonably protect a facility’s clients from harm.

It gives practical suggestions of risk minimising techniques and also explains the importance of tight operating procedures and good evidence trail.

Ideally, participants will have undertaken the Legal Training (Levels 1 and 2) training course beforehand.

Courses are run periodically through the year, or can be delivered for individual facilities or organisations.

The course tutors for this training are Paolo Fubini and  Jeremy Colenso.

Paolo is Managing Director and founder of Arrampica, and worked with many climbing walls and ropes courses beforehand.  In addition to the day to day work with his customers he is regularly asked for his opinion regarding potential legal proceedings against climbing walls and ropes course facilities  and he has acted as a technical expert for cases in and out of court.

Jeremy is a highly experienced and respected member of the Arrampica team who has extensive experience of the industry both in the UK, Europe and worldwide.  Jeremy is a qualified and practising solicitor, his role with Arrampica being focused on the design and delivery of our legal training courses.

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