The 2018 climbing film to watch.

Photo by Michael Manns on Unsplash

We are really looking forward to the release of Alex Honnold documentary of his free solo climb of El Capitan.

Watch this Alex Honnold talk about this now.

October 29 2018  Running time: 11 minutes 50 seconds

We were full of wow and will definitely going to see FREE SOLO when it comes to UK cinemas later this year.

This video is illuminating for any climbers.  It is interesting and entertaining as Alex Honnold describes the events leading up to his attempt, the preparation and how he rehearsed the 3000 moves, and then talks through the actual ascent.

We loved watching this, it’s so very very good stuff.  You’ll hear about the ultimate control of fear from an incredible, strong and talented climber.

There is no doubt free soloing El Cap (and surviving) will go down in climbing history, even without this documentary in cinemas worldwide.

Alex Honnold says people always say to him “That is rad”.  What do you think?


Check out the links below:


NGS trailer for the documentary  Aug 11 2018  Running time 2 minutes 27 seconds

December 11th 2018 across the UK Preview and Q & A with Alex Honnold


Jimmy Kimmel Live! chat show  July 14 2017    Running time: 7 minutes 15 seconds    

For more back ground, particularly Alex Honnold as child, watch this appearance.


Joe Rogan Experience Oct 25, 2018  Running time: 1 hour 41 minutes 26 second

If you are really interested in hearing Alex Honnold talking through his climbing lifestyle.


National geographic  Sep 28, 2018 Running time  6 minutes 48 seconds

National Geographic 360 degree video, which is pretty cool to be able to scroll the screen round full circle









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