The course was fantastic and JP was brilliant!  There was the right mix of theory and practical instruction and it was all delivered in an engaging way.  I learnt a huge amount and thoroughly enjoyed myself too.


The guys on the course said it was awesome, that they learn a lot and was engaging all the time.  The day passed too quickly.  Thoroughly enjoyed it without information overload.  Please pass on the compliments to Joe.  Thanks to you both.


Great Course, Very Informative and Great Stories and good clear praise when techniques/procedures were done correctly and questions to you were done erroneously.  Shame it couldn't be a longer course.


In Summary, Ed is Great.  I also had very positive feedback from the girls too.  It is really good to have someone who can draw on a multitude of experiences both from outdoors and other walks of life too.

He turned up at the right time (and in the right place too!), engaged with the girls from the outset and was good company in the evenings too.



Thanks again for the course today, I got a lot out of it and thought you delivered it really well, when I got home, I immediately scribbled down a load of notes  - So that must be a good sign



The course was excellent and it has opened my eyes to some interesting concepts.  I will be doing some serious experimentation in the next few months.

With regards to improvements, I cannot think of anything else that could possibly be included and even my dreams last night were awash with dreams of ropes and anchors.


Thank you for running a fab course.  Hope you both had a safe journey home / onward.  I found the course very informative, tailored to our needs, very relaxed and extremely enjoyable, it worked as a great refresher on skills i'd last used 7 years ago (!) and consolidated my knowledge.


Can I just say how much I enjoyed the course over the weekend.  I felt that course was just perfect in terms of pace and variety.  Thanks for making it a great weekend.


Thank you for a great course yesterday.  I found it very informative and useful for the work I am currently doing at the Westway.

The top roping exercise at the beginning I though was great and I am looking forward to implementing it.

The course was run at a good pace with the amount of information that had to be taught.

Thanks again


I would just like to start by saying thank you for all the training and assessments you have done with me over the past few months.  I am extremely grateful for all your time and effort you have put into helping me, and developing my instructing skills.

Since completing my CWA abseil module i fel that your advice, skills and confidence in my abilities has led me to become a better instructor.  The lastest courswe i have completed at Westway, the lead training, was fantastic to have the training for the second time, and provided me with the chance to re-learn and develop on my skills i already have learned

Once again a big thank you!


I wanted to say thank you for the CWA course that you ran over the weekend.  I felt a great sense of achievement from the weekend and your teaching has given me the motivation to make rock-climbing qualifications part of my personal development over the next few years.  I even have started thinking about putting my name down to shadow sesions at the XC and other walls.

Having worked on a mobile climbing wall this summer tha course allowed me to gain further knowledge of equipment, technique and solutions.  Beyond my personal challenge and interest as a sports development graduate I hope to inspire others to participate in a sport outside the normal offer.

Once again thank you for your quality input.  I hope to see you again and that I will be a more advanced climber than you saw over the weekend.


I just wanted to say "THANK YOU!!!" for the coaching on footwork/kick-out that was part of the CWA course.  It's helped me an enormous amount for such a simple thing; my grade has improved in the last few weeks, which I am thrilled about as I had been at a bit of a plateau, and I have no doubt, that's what it's due to, I can feel myself being more precise.

Thank you very very much!


I can't thank you enough for the most amazing weekend, it was so much more than I was expecting.  If I manage to attain half of your skills I will be a happy woman.

The way the content is structured and applied is spot on.  You would never believe the course was run so frequently as it felt fresh and you gave one hundred per cent.  Also your evaluation of your participants and their needs is second to none.

Personally, I was soaking up as much as I possibly could and achieved things I never thought I would.  I will now spend time building my confidence, personal achievements and of course never say "no".

Another big thank you for letting C be a part of the day.  He learnt and confirmed what he's been thinking for a while that he needs to review his climbing.

Take good care and hope to see you again.


Regarding the service, I can confirm we are entirely satisfied and we could not be happier with your appointment and we have every confidence that you are the right person to partner for the operational training for all installations forward, and we thank you for all of your help and support so far


Thank you so much for giving us such a great experience on this course.  I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it both for my own climbing and for my teaching.  You really are a fantastic teacher.

Jez T

The XC staff booked for an ERCA course to be held by Paolo Fubini at the XC centre 080711 - 100711.  This consisted of the ERCA site specific qualification and the first day of the associated rescue training.  The content of the course was extremely informative and formatted in a way that all members of the team were catered to, which considering the varying ranges of abilities in the group was no mean feat.  From a managerial point of view I was comprehensively impressed with the outcomes of the course as well as the additional platform I was provided, in which I could run through the operational, technical and business questions with Paolo.

Personally I found Paolo approachable and relaxed enough to be able to talk to on all things relating to the XC, this created an atmosphere that helped generate healthy debate and positive learning outcomes.  This in concert with his obvious knowledge meant that the confidence of the team post course is exceptionally high.

I look forward to working with Paolo again and hope that we have left as positive an impression on him as he has on us.

Kind regards


2 day Everest Challenge Event; The kids had a great experience and I will look to do this again, hopefully in the school year this time.


As ever Paolo delivered quality training.  No real constructive feedback.  It would be good to get more games gone through for kid groups.  Very enjoyable and informative


really good, no criticisms of the course at all.  Learnt a fair few new things that i'd not picked up from my IRATA.


Was a cracking weekend and I learnt a lot of new skills that I will hopefully use in the future!  I can't really think of any way in which improvements can be made, the weekend's training was conducted very well and I think we have got the best out of the 2 days.  My thanks to Paolo.

Erik B

CWA.  Thanks for the whole weekend, it was indeed very enjoyable and professional.  keep up the good work!


Thanks once again for an excellent weekend - the kids are still talking about it!

David B

I don't think that I, or any of the students could have asked for anything more from the weekend.  All the ingredients were there: dry rock, blue sky, good routes, a scenic (and sheepless) campsite, a pub and some first class instruction from you and Nelson and it is hardly surprising that everybody wants to do it again.

From my perspective the weekend was a test of the theory that I have long expounded that indoor walls are the ideal place to introduce outdoor rope handling techniques and safety disciplines.

To see the students, under your careful guidance, move seemlessly from climbing wall to rock face, from wall climber to rock climber was a reward in itself.

In particular, I was pleased to see the children, some of whom I have taught climbing for 4 or 5 years, handle themselves with such maturity and self assurance as soon as they were in a hazardous siuation.  Checking themselves and each other as a matter of routine, top belaying, abseiling, in all activities completely un-distracted by height or excitement.

I have no doubt that the weekend will linger in the children's, indeed everyone's memories for a ling while.  After all, what more could you want from two days of summer.

Saul L

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent course, it was really good fun and great to refresh my memory of things I haven't used for ages.  Will no doubt see you again for assessment and the route setting, I will also gladly recommend your services no only to the Leisure Centre but also to anyone else who may require them.

Jjean K L

Thank you so much for last weekend.  I enjoyed every moment of it.

Juliet S

Thank you for an excellent course on Saturday.  I learnt so much both for my personal climbing & for teaching.  It came just at the right time as i'm off to Turkey for 2 weeks sport climbing where i'm sure I will get plenty of opportunity to perfect my dynamic belaying and falling.  Thanks ever so much :-)

Phil & James

Many thanks on behalf of James and myself for a great training course.  We both felt that it has given us new ways in which to apply rope-work skills to help promote the development of those we work with.

Rachael A

Walking around the centre and observing the instructors with you pointing out the techniques they were using and more importantly why, also pointing out the potential dangers in a given situation, was really valuable.  When deciding whether to take CWA or SPA I was leaning towards the SPA but now I'm glad for having done the CWA because of the group management skills it covers and the safety considerations when instructing indoors.

In terms of the delivery I didn't feel it was info overload, the course covers alot of material but the way you presented and displayed the skills was really great, your a natural teacher! and your love for what you do definitely shone through.  If I had to make a comment it would be that I would liked a bit more time to practice the rescue techniques but fully understand quantity of material that was covered and the time pressure.

In all I couldn't be happier with the weekend - I feel lucky to have been on the course with Nicolette, Glen and Chris - and feel inspired and excited about a future of climbing and teaching others.

V McNally

I though the course was great, very professionally run to a high standard.  I thought you yourself were an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very well organised instructor.  Most importantly, I learned a lot on the course and would recommend yourself and Arrampica to anyone else.  Many thanks and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Chris C

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the CWA Lead Module I attended at Surrey Sports Park on 14th November 2010.

The course was excellent, I thought it was pitched at just the right level.  I thought the opening session on defining how we would structure a lead session really set the tone for the rest of the day.

The course put into context what my strengths and weakness's are and how I can best use the consolidation period.  I came away feeling really inspired.  Thanks again, Chris.

Kirsi, London

Thank you for making this weekends training informative and exciting without being boring or monotonous.  I think we had a small but friendly group and the whole weekend had a very relaxed atmosphere.  I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course especially the abseil module.

Mark & Charly, Woodgreen

We had a great day yesterday, our instructor was fantastic, clearly a guy with huge knowledge.  He chose a route for us which was ideal, just enough challenge for our level, we will definitely be back for some more adventure.

Mark & Charly, Woodgreen

Weather really let us down today but we had an excellent time.  The kayak was really peaceful in the gentle drizzle, no breeze and a flat calm.  Our instructor was very good, gave us good tips and plenty of encouragement, even introduced Charly to the delights of Pot Noodle.  The ghyll scrambling simply cannot be spoiled by the weather, once you are in, you are always going to be wet and cold, but a great challenge and great fun.  Again our instructor gave us all we could handle in a gently and encouraging way, a really nice guy.  We are looking forward to tomorrow.

Megan & John, Brighton

The video was excellent!  It really makes us want to go out again soon!  We also really enjoyed the DVD you sent us- We will have such a great reminder of that weekend.

DW, Isleworth

Your Manner was professional and your enthusiasm felt making the course not only informative but also a most enjoyable experience and one I will highly recommend going forward.

Morna, Reading

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for a brilliant day on Thursday. Despite all our nerves, you did your best to put us at ease.

I have had various people comment on your thoroughness of training/assessing and I am pleased to have been taught by the best.  I'd much rather learn beyond the curriculum and come out better prepared for anything I might face.  Thank you.

Steve & David, Chester

On behalf of both David and myself, I would like to thank you and your team for providing us with such an invigorating, stimulating and refreshing! "Vertical Adventure".

What started as a general internet search for 'things to do' in the lakes, turned into a truly memorable weekend.

Seeing your website, stirred me into further investigation.  The choices available for an activity day seemed both challenging and fun!  Although I must admit to some initial apprehension about my age and ability to complete some of the activities.  However, after a brief call, I was reassured by your description of the events and your own enthusiasm for the choices on offer.

Our day with Vertical Adventures was a complete success.  Our instructor went to great lengths to ensure that we followed a safe and 'challenging' route to the top of the 'Old Man'.  His knowledge of the area was very extensive.  This was evident because our initial chosen route ie 'Low Water Beck' was deemed to be too dangerous due to the moss growth on the crags.  he then suggested 'Brim Fell'.  I also felt that we were in very safe hands; even though our experience of this type of ascent is very limited, Joe was both patient and reassuring.  All of this ensured that this part of the day was a great success and brought to us both a great deal of satisfaction.

The second part of the adventure was the 'Ghyll' scrambling in Church Beck.  This was also challenging (for the inexperienced), refreshing and exhilarating.  Having not done any of these activities before, we were left with a great sense of achievement for our day.

Thank you once again for the awesome experience which David and I will have long lasting memories.

If you would like to use this letter or any of our pictures/video in your advertising, please feel free to do so as it may encourage others to take on a challenge and eventually have as much of a great day with Arrampica as we have


DW from North London

Thanks for the pic; I enjoyed the course, it certainly has given me plenty to think about.  Your knowledge and enthusiasm shone through.

RL from South London

Great games, found it excellent.  I would definately recommend this as a great fun morning/day/afternoon for friends, family, stag/hen night etc.  It exceeded my expectations, awesome fun.

ST from London

Enjoyed the morning, nice to be somewhere different where I could learn other ways to work with groups, I felt safely supervised and instructors were very helpful.  Good way to spend a day learning how to work as a team, the session absolutely met my expectations 

PR from London

Far better than I expected, fun and learned loads

JS from London

Unexpected, different, outside of our usual environment, it was a real eye opener

AD from Buckinghamshire

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help yesterday.  I really appreciate it, especially at such late notice!

All the guys had extremely positive feedback!

B Family, from Sussex

Thank you ...we are all in a happy place today, yesterday was not only a buzz but to our surprise also very calm and thoughtful we loved it!

CE, Leicestershire

What a great 2 days we had down in Swanage.  Thank you so much for climbing with me and taking such care so that I had some very memorable routes and felt extremely safe.

AC, Surrey

This is an open recommendation regarding Paolo Fubini and the Arrampica company.

I have worked with Arrampica and Paolo Fubini for a number of years.  Paolo has provided guidance on the construction and use of climbing walls as well as training and assessment for outdoor education staff, teachers and youth workers to use these facilities with young people.  Paolo is an exceptionally talented trained who is clear in his instruction and training techniques.  His assessments are fair but he has never been afraid to refer or fail somebody if they did not meet the required grade of competence.

With Paolo's assistance, the amount of climbing undertaken by our schools and youth groups has increased considerably.  The benefits of these climbing sessions are considerable and they have a clear and beneficial effect on both general education and self-esteem, self-image.  The potential for developmental work with young people at risk is enormous.

Paolo used to be associated with a particular, large climbing wall in the South West of the county and local involvement of both schools and youth groups was greatly increased because of his encouragement and policy of accessibility.

As well as mainstream school and youth work, Paolo has been key in increasing access to adventurous activities for young people with special needs.

I am very happy to recommend Arrampica to you as a suitable company with which to plan provision and use of indoor climbing.

Carolyn, Bucks

I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving S' a brilliant two days over the Easter weekend.  He loved it and has definitely now got the outdoor climbing bug.  We were really delighted with the totally professional way you handled the whole event.  Right from the initial booking, the phone call the night before to check he was properly equipped and prepared, the safety precautions you took throughout, and the friendly teaching and encouragement you and Stephan gave S', the whole course was fantastic.  Really good value for money, particularly since he seems in the end to have had two instructors!  He says he has learned loads, from a start of knowing virtually nothing about outdoor climbing which he (and I) now realise is a completely different proposition to climbing indoors.  I will certainly recommend you very highly to S's friends at Amersham Climb and I have no doubt you will be seeing S' again as soon as he can find a way to get back to the Lakes!  The DVDs are a lovely unexpected bonus and certainly opened my eyes to what he's been doing!  We will treasure them.  A fantastic experience, many thanks again.

Ellie B

I thought the course was fantastic and would love to stay in touch with you guys for practising, and also for climbing.

Jon S

Thanks to Paolo. I agree this was probably the best training I have ever attended!  Superb instruction, informative, technical, inspirational and great fun!  I've never learnt so much in such a short time!  Well done to all.

Nicole W

I had an awesome time on the course - I enjoyed every second of it and I would like to thank Paolo for one of the best courses I have ever been on.

Itza R

Paolo, this was the best weekend ever!!!!  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us, you will be hearing from me again soon!


I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot of new stuff from it - thanks for all your help and enthusiasm.


I just wanted to say thank you for the good company this weekend and to wish you well with your consolidation phase.