Technical Advice and Consultation Services

Technical Advice and Consultation Services

Arrampica work with a variety of climbing walls, ropes courses, zip wires and artificial caves across the UK and globally, including large modern facilities, small local walls and education facilities. Our relationship with each is unique, with our activities tailored to suit their specific needs.

Below is an overview of the services we can currently offer. If you would like to find out more and discuss the specifics of your facility, please contact us at or call us on 08450 947 923 

Additional Facilities Management Services

Do you want to get the most out of your facility? 

Arrampica know how to set up and operate facilities safely and efficiently, how to get your facility operating at its very best, and the latest regulations and current best practice you need to adhere to.

We will carry out a Health Check, work with you to create a Plan of Action, provide Ongoing Support and Services, write Reports and carry out Reviews.

This means you can fully benefit from our high degree of specialised Knowledge and competence, combined with hands-on experience in all aspects of artificial adventure facilities including health and safety.

We can offer one-off independent advice or for constant support talk to us about a Technical Advisor Package.

Did you know that NICAS, NIBAS, ABC, AALA and other associations require you to have a designated expert to act as a technical advisor?

Arrampica Technical Advisor Package
This offers reassurance and the technical expertise and knowledge to keep your facility compliant and running smoothly.  Packages include access to the Arrampica telephone advice line along with your choice of the services we offer.

A Site Specific Scheme will be tailored to the needs of your site and a set of documentation will detail:

  • operating procedures,
  • risk assessments,
  • emergency action plans,
  • job descriptions,
  • recruitment procedures,
  • training,
  • assessment,
  • ongoing CPD,
  • equipment choice,
  • inspection criteria,
  • and compliance with regulatory bodies and legislation.

Arrampica will visit your site for an initial health check and support your staff to update/create risk assessments.  Next, we will work alongside your managers to create the content of your scheme.

We want you to get as much use from your adventure facility as possible and can work with you during the design stage and use our experience and knowledge to advise you what kind of facility would best suit your demographic and therefore maximise your turnover.  Many of our customers don’t consult us until their new facilities are complete and we have to work with them to overcome issues that could have been avoided in the design stage.

As an exciting development, we are currently in talks with a climbing wall manufacturer to design off-the-shelf climbing walls for schools.  This is to help reduce costs for school so they get the best climbing wall for their money, and also to ensure that schools are spending money on something that is suitable for use in an educational establishment.

If your organisation does not have the knowledge and experience needed to appoint a manager for adventure activities, we can take part in the interview panel and can, if required, lead the whole process.

We will make recommendations but will not make the final decision of who to appoint.

Arrampica can also assist with the advertising of the position.

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