Where can you find a zip wire in a five star hotel?

The answer is the Millennium Resort Mussanah Hotel in Oman, the first one in the country and in 2017, Tom and Paolo hopped on a plane to meet Christoph Schleissing and his team with their brand new zip wire at the stunning resort.

The Millennium Resort Mussanah Hotel opened in 2010, part of a wider site that would host the Asian Beach Games in 2012.  As well as a zip wire, the hotel has beach football fields, a beach volleyball court and a 18-hole mini golf course with manicured greens – quite an activity centre!

Apart from the green of the hotel grounds the rest is open sand and long beaches. The hotel is large and luxurious with rooms, suite, serviced apartments and residences. The zip wire extends from a tower out over one of the hotel’s five swimming pools and a poolside bar with views of the marina and the Gulf of Oman.

It is an incredible, family orientated place and there are so many facilities and the grounds are absolutely beautiful so it’s no wonder people travel from all over Oman to go there.

The task for Arrampica was to produce a full set of operating procedures, train the staff to safely run the facility and inspect it.  The staff to be trained were a mix of the general leisure staff and maintenance technicians and the training schedule we created included:

  • Safety checks
  • Choosing suitable equipment
  • Safe operation of the zip wire
  • Inspections of zip wire and PPE equipment
  • Rescues of inspectors or clients
  • Use of all documentation
  • Advice on storage of equipment

The weather in Oman was hot, seriously hot:  mid forties during the day and evenings still saw the mercury over thirty, so working outside was like cooking in an oven at times!

Due to the intense sun, one of the first tasks was to construct a canopy over the tower with a large green tarpaulin to keep the sun off the training area (the hotel has now erected a permanent cover for the protection of users).

“It was an amazing feeling being in Oman and it was one of best training courses I’ve ever been asked to run.” says Tom Reynolds, Arrampica Product Development Manager,  “All the staff were very willing to learn. Running a training course in Oman was like running one in England but the weather was hotter and all the people were so friendly. They were very respectful of each other and us as visitors to their site. The nearest I have previously experienced to this was Morocco. Have to say, returning to the UK really was coming back to reality..!”

The training course was a very multi-cultural activity in it’s own right, as Tom explains:  “I was an English trainer, with Paolo and his Italian/English heritage, working with Indians, Sri Lankans, Omanis, Pakistanis and Egyptians at a hotel in Oman, which also has a German Manager.”

“Four of our candidates spoke no English at all so we worked with translators, but quite often showing and demonstrating the tasks and procedures worked out to be the best way to communicate.  This led to a very entertaining consolidation method of competitive blindfolded knot tying.”

Would we go back? “Absolutely I would!” says Tom,  “The only things I had to get used to were the heat and the language. It was an incredible new experience training people from completely different backgrounds, many ex-military and navy.  I was starting from the absolute beginning, some of them had not seen a climbing rope before never mind the technical zip wire equipment.”


Thank you to everyone at Millennium Resort Mussanah Hotel in Oman.  You made us so welcome and we wish you every success with the operation of your zip wire. 

Post by Jenny Haygarth

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