Inspections, Audits and Reviews

Inspections, audits, reviews and surveys

Arrampica carry out inspections, audits, reviews and surveys of climbing walls, ropes courses and adventure facilities.  We draw up schedules to ensure the safe operation of sites and to comply with regulatory bodies and current best practice and legislation.

Some of these services require specific qualifications and experience; Arrampica staff can be booked to carry these out at your site.

Other inspections such as Periodic Inspections, Operational Inspections and Routine Before Use Equipment Checking can be carried out in house. We offer training for these as part of our CPD provision.

Paper Trail Software

We recommend using a Paper Trail account to record and monitor your PPE Inspections and Site Inspections.  The set up can be managed by Arrampica and then used by the staff to comply with industry regulations.

The Paper Trail software is designed to make log management easy and we have received very positive feedback from our customers.  All equipment inspections are recorded and automatic notifications advise when further inspections become due.

Mystery Shopper

Do you know how well your facility is actually adhering to your operating procedures? You can request Arrampica carry out a ‘mystery shopper’ style visit where we test the systems in place and provide a written report on our findings with advice about what improvements could be implemented.

If you would like to find out more and discuss the specifics of your climbing wall or adventure centre, please contact us at or call us on 08450 947 923

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