Covid-19 Reopening Audit

Arrampica have been performing reviews of operations, staff and the effectiveness of control measures from risk assessments for over two decades.

The arrival of COVID 19 Coronavirus presents challenges to individuals and businesses that most have never experienced until very recently.

During the initial days, weeks and months of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Arrampica Team have spent time researching and keeping up to date with UK Government Advice as well as advice and actions from other countries around the world.  We have also spent time ensuring our knowledge of the ongoing guidance from our specialist sectors such as the adventurous activity industries is understood to such a level that we are able to work alongside clients many differing needs and facility types.

A reviews content is individualised to each client needs, an example is as follows:

Step 1.  We talk about the review content required.

Step 2.  We perform any pre-visit actions such as reading documentation, understanding a client’s facility aims etc.

Step 3.  We arrive on-site a perform the pre-agreed content such as: adding an extra pair of expert eyes reviewing risk assessments and control measures, staff training, operating Procedures, Emergency Action Plans and compliance with COVID-19 Government Guidance wherever practicable, and control measures and procedure options to deal with the challenges of areas of potential non-compliance.

The report will be written up with specific comments and recommendations offered, the report will be in our RED, AMBER and GREEN format, this means that the customer can easily see what we regard as VITAL, RECOMMENDED and FOR CONSIDERATION.

An example of one section of our review check sheets is as below. This is a section of part 1 of a 16 part review:

Staff Training

Return to work COVID induction for staff

  • Are staff trained in how to keep themselves safe during cleaning of any hygiene facility?
  • Is there evidence of staff training for cleaning?
  • Are duty managers and other responsible staff trained to enforce regimes?
  • Is there evidence of managers and other staff enforcing these regimes to customers and other staff?
  • Have staff been fully trained on the new CIVOD 19 Coronavirus Access/Egress and Movement measures?
  • Is there evidence of staff training on the new CIVOD 19 Coronavirus Access/Egress and Movement measures?
  • How are staff made aware of the latest government guidance in relation to their industry?
  • Are posters in place within the staff and customer areas detailing latest government guidance?
  • Are staff training courses run with social distancing?
  • Where social distancing is not possible, does the training course have procedures to safeguard against transmission?
  • Are route setters/Jet Washers issued with additional infection related PPE for route setting?
  • Was there evidence of the route setters/Jet Washers using this PPE?
  • Have staff been rescue/problem solve trained?
  • Does the rescue/problem solving equipment include necessary PPE and procedures?


Wash hands on entry and exit, hand sanitiser in place at intervals at least before entering/exiting a door also to activity area.

Wash Hands

  • Where are these facilities?
  • Are these in a suitable location?
  • Do persons need to open doors to enter/exit the Wash Hands Facility?
  • Are there hand sanitiser points at wherever a door needs opening?
  • Touch points (e.g. Door handles, iPad, Taps, Reception Desk, Computer Equipment, Tablets, Pens, Forms, etc.)
  • Have touch points been identified?
  • Arrampica list observed touch points.
  • Is there an appropriate cleaning regime in place for each of the above?

If you would like to find out more and discuss the specifics of your facility, please contact us at or call us on 08450 947 923

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