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Arrampica services for schools - climbing walls, training and documentation

Climbing Wall Services and Packages for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds enjoy climbing, and all levels of disability can be catered for. There is natural link to the outdoor adventure curriculum, and climbing can count towards GCSE PE and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

In addition, a school can follow the NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) and/or NIBAS (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme) and your students can receive nationally recognised certificates. This could feed into the OAA curriculum itself or be run as a club. It will also mean that your linked to a hub centre which might enable more support regarding training and funding.

A simple traverse wall can encourage physical activity at break times and, at the academic end of the scale, some schools have woven their climbing wall into to the maths, geography and science curriculums.

As a long-term investment, having your own wall makes a lot of sense. This investment does include time for staff training and maintenance but we believe it is a small price to pay when the outcomes can be so significant.

With two decades’ experience in the sector, Arrampica have seen what kind of walls work well in different schools and can make sure a new wall is suitable for your needs.

We’re parents ourselves and are acutely aware that schools need to keep a close eye on budgets. Towards this, we are working with a climbing wall manufacturer to design an off-the-shelf bouldering wall and roped specifically for schools, their curriculum and the spaces they have available.

To help reduce costs, Arrampica hold training sessions for multiple schools, eliminating the need for large numbers of staff to be out of the classroom at any one time.

If you interested in finding out more, please contact us at or call us on 08450 947 923 to find out more about latest course availability and schedules.

Arrampica’s school-specific packages and services include:

  • Site specific climbing instructor training and qualifications
  • Site specific bouldering instructor training and qualifications
  • Regular site and PPE inspections, and maintenance
  • Documentation – review, creation and updating
  • First aid training and qualifications
  • Climbing wall design and route setting
  • Advice on sourcing safety equipment
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