Artificial Caves Training

Arrampica Artificial Cave Instructor Training

Site-Specific Artificial Cave Training (Arrampica Syllabus)

This course is to qualify staff to supervise artificial caving activities in a specific artificial cave system.  One session consists of training and assessment.

This course develops the skills and techniques for supervising artificial caving sessions. The delivery style and content will be matched to the skills and experience of the candidates and their specific sites.

Course Outcomes

Individual feedback will be given to candidates after the assessment.  If the candidate has satisfied the requirements they will be awarded their Arrampica Site Specific Artificial Cave Instructor and Rescuer qualification.

This qualification will remain valid for three years provided the candidate completes an annual CPD day.  To re-validate their award the candidate will need to be re-assessed.  In the event of a candidate failing to meet the standard required during the assessment, the assessor will discuss with them what they need to improve on and how to proceed.



If you would like to find out more, please contact us at or call us on 08450 947 923 

  • The artificial cave environment
  • Supervision
  • Safety considerations and risk assessment
  • Signage and codes of conduct
  • Equipment suitable for caving
  • Managing a group split throughout the cave system
  • Planning an artificial caving session
  • Norms and ARRAMPICA-Standards
  • Emergency plans
  • Environmental influences
  • Emotional wellbeing of users
  • Good practice
  • Injury avoidance
  • Group management
  • Caving games
  • Movement skills
  • Appropriate use of helmets
  • Organisation and briefings
  • Preventing and solving artificial caving problems
  • Evacuation of users
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