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Links & Documents

If we find a useful website, or a link to a document or guide that we think is helpful, we’ll aim to include it here. We’ve grouped them into general category headings to help you find what you’re looking for:

  1. UK Regulations, Guidance, and European Norms
  2. Safety Notices
  3. Weather
  4. Facilitation
  5. Inspections and Maintenance 


UK Regulations, Guidance, and European Norms

Health and Safety Executive Free mini guides:

European Norms: (Links to purchase from the British Standards Institute)

UK Ropes Course Guide Free document published by the Adventurous Activities Industry Advisory Committee. (Currently most easily found on the Institute for Outdoor Learning Website)
N.B. Version 4.2 contains an error on page 9, within the section “Key Terms / Definitions”. The term “Operational Inspection” is incorrectly defined; the correct term being defined here is “Periodical Inspection”. These terms are explained in more detail in section 6 “Inspections and Maintenance” beginning on page 20.

Safety Notices

Niko Rail continuous belay system: Niko Ltd Safety Warning Notice

ERCA Safety Alerts index (Compilation of many industry safety alerts)

Petzl product recalls and safety alerts

DMM product recalls and safety alerts

BMC listed Gear recalls and warningsBe aware this list is not comprehensive, and some safety alerts can be found on the website but not appear on this list.


Lightning Detector on Free UK lightning detector map on Netweather website, updated every 15 minutes and using the ATD lightning detection system from the Met Office. This system offers the most accurate lightning detection available for the UK.(There are more advanced features available with the Netweather Extra subscription service.)
Netweather also offers a host of other standard weather forecasting data and interpretations.

Meteogram 48 chart on Norwegian weather forecasting site breaking down the weather expected at a location throughout the day or week.

UK Mountain Regions Weather Forecast The ever-faithful MWIS forecasts produced for 8 different mountain areas of the UK as an aid to mountain safety.

Facilitation Dr. Roger Greenaway is an expert on reviewing. His website is a treasure trove of all things to do with the transfer of learning outcomes from experiences. There are many resources free to download, including plenty of suggestions for reviews that can be done even if you only have as little as 5 minutes (of time or attention!). Teampedia aims to become the world’s largest collection of resources – group facilitation and training activities, inspirations, links to organizations that offer services, and more – to facilitate team-building, collaboration, and the spirit of community. A very ‘North-American’ site aimed at experiential learning and “natural living” that has this great sub-site listing many “team-building” activities: In their own words: 
The activities on this site can be used in almost any setting with a wide variety of different groups. Typical applications are for experiential education and training, camps, group-based therapy and adventure-based programs. The purposes of each individual activity vary, but the general purpose is to stimulate personal growth and group development. Targeted more at the corporate world, the activities here will easily be recognised by anyone who works with groups.
“Team-building” activities, exercises, games, puzzles, and riddles that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications; not just the office meeting.

Inspections and Maintenance

For information on the inspection, maintenance, and use of Petzl products, check the individual product page on their website here first, then try their FAQ pages for further assistance.

For information on the inspection, maintenance, and use of DMM products, check the individual product page on either their climbing products pages, or the DMM professional products pages. There is also a host of useful information and videos on the DMM articles pages, and the knowledge pages.

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