Arrampica – Training, Qualifications and Support Services for Artificial Adventure Facilities

Arrampica are here to help you run your facilities efficiently, knowledgably and safely.  Paolo originally set up the company in 2001 to provide technical advice for climbing walls and ropes courses.  This is still what we do, but in addition we now train staff, carry out inspections, provide nationally recognised qualifications and assist with writing the huge amount of documentation required to run a facility nowadays.

The amount of regulations have increased over the years and much new kit has been developed.  We make it our business to keep pace with these changes so our customers can be assured we are up to date with current best practice.

Unfortunately accidents do happen, Arrampica closely follow the legal ramifications of incidents within our industry so we can educate our customers on what needs to be done day to day and in the immediate aftermath of an incident.

Paolo has chosen a small team to provide a quality experience for customers.  In today’s adventure industry, he sees a real need for a company that managers of climbing walls and ropes courses can trust to give them the best informed advice and services, and thorough well run training courses to meet individual learning needs.




“The guys who took part on the course said it was awesome, that they learned a lot and was really engaging all the time. If anything, the day passed too quickly. Thoroughly enjoyed it without information overload.  Please pass on our thanks to all the Arrampica tutors involved.”

“I would just like to start by saying thank you for all the training and assessments you have done with me over the past few months.  I am extremely grateful for all your time and effort you have put into helping me, and developing my instructing skills.

Since completing my CWA abseil module I feel that your advice, skills and confidence in my abilities has led me to become a better instructor.  The latest course I completed at Westway – the lead training – was fantastic to have the training for the second time, and provided me with the chance to refresh and develop on my skills I already have learned.

Once again, a big thank you!”

“Was a cracking weekend and I learnt a lot of new skills that I will hopefully use in the future!  I can’t really think of any way in which improvements can be made, the weekend’s training was conducted very well and I think we have got the best out of the 2 days.  My thanks to Paolo.”

“The course was excellent and it has opened my eyes to some interesting concepts – I will be doing some serious experimentation in the next few months.

With regards to improvements, I cannot think of anything else that could possibly be included and even my dreams last night were awash with dreams of ropes and anchors!”

“I wanted to say thank you for the CWA course that you ran over the weekend. I felt a great sense of achievement from the weekend and your teaching has given me the motivation to make rock-climbing qualifications part of my personal development over the next few years. I even have started thinking about putting my name down to shadow sessions at the XC and other walls.

Having worked on a mobile climbing wall this summer, the course allowed me to gain further knowledge of equipment, technique and solutions. Beyond my personal challenge and interest as a sports development graduate I hope to inspire others to participate in a sport outside the normal offer.”

“I don’t think that I, or any of the students could have asked for anything more from the weekend.  All the ingredients were there: dry rock, blue sky, good routes, a scenic (and sheepless) campsite, a pub and some first class instruction from you and Nelson and it is hardly surprising that everybody wants to do it again.

From my perspective the weekend was a test of the theory that I have long expounded that indoor walls are the ideal place to introduce outdoor rope handling techniques and safety disciplines.

To see the students, under your careful guidance, move seamlessly from climbing wall to rock face, from wall climber to rock climber was a reward in itself!”

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